Introduction to the project CURSOR

The project CURSOR- Crafting Career Roadmaps is a Strategic Partnership with the aim to tackle the issue of youth unemployment and social exclusion. The project offers youth workers an opportunity for professional development along with innovative tools to use in their work so as to support young people with fewer opportunities in Career Planning.


With CURSOR, the partners seek to enhance the international dimension of youth activities and promote high-quality and inclusive youth work.

Official Project Website

Visit the Official Project Website, where you can find:
• Research reports for Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and Poland
• The In-service Training Handbook
• Contact details
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Project identity

The project is co-funded by the EU Programme Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

Action: Field: Strategic Partnerships for youth.

Main objective: Development of Innovation.

Project Partners

The CURSOR consortium comprises 4 partners:


Universitatea Din Pitesti (UPIT)- Romania

Tomorrow Sp. z.o.o.- Poland

Future In Perspective Limited (FIP)- Ireland

 Introduction to the CURSOR Career Planning Resources

The partners in the project CURSOR have developed a full suite of innovative tools for youth workers who wish to support young people with fewer opportunities in Career Planning. These tools are educational resources for career planning that can be used in day-to-day youth work.


The project CURSOR has developed career planning resources and tools to be used by youth workers to support the young people to take control of their career. The resources have been developed based on a thorough needs analysis which was the initial stage of the project CURSOR. The needs analysis has been developed in parallel with a Learning Outcomes Matrix.





CURSOR - Learning Outcomes Matrix_English.pdf

CURSOR - Learning Outcomes Matrix_Greek.pdf

CURSOR - Learning Outcomes Matrix_Polish.pdf

CURSOR - Learning Outcomes Matrix_Romanian.pdf

The resources are grouped in four themes:


SELF: Understanding your personality, interests and values

STRENGTHS: Know how to use your talents and personal qualities

HORIZONS: Visualise yourself in the world of work, training and learning

NETWORKS: Identify who can support you finding opportunities for education and work


The classification of the above themes has been inspired by the Career Management Skills (CMS) Framework of Scotland. If you wish to find out more on the CMS Framework, visit


The learning resources developed constitute a complete in-service training programme for the continuous professional development of front-line youth workers. With the use of these resources, the youth workers can support young people to acquire career planning skills and identify their career pathways.


Each learning resource has been produced in video format to support learning in a variety of different learning environments. The video has been uploaded on the E- learning portal of the project but also on Youtube. All the resources are available in all partner languages; Greek, English, Polish, and Romanian.

Six resources have been developed for each of the themes of Self, Strenghts, Horizons, and Networks; three of them being Introductory (I) and three of them being Advanced (A). The structure of the resources is as follows:

R1 Self 1 (I) - Work Values

R2 Self 2 (I) - My Self in Society

R3 Self 3 (I) - The Sense of Self

R4 Self 2 (A) - Self-knowledge Journal

R5 Self 5 (A) - Stress Management to Build Personal Resilience

R6 Self 6 (A) - The Social Self


R7 Strengths 1 (I) - Strengths Development Planner

R8 Strengths 2 (I) - Personal Timeline - Tracking my Achievement

R9 Strengths 3 (I) - Evaluate Your Strengths

R10 Strengths 4 (A) - Growth Mindset

R11 Strengths 5 (A) - Using my Strengths to Set Career Goals

R12 Strengths 6 (A) - Boost your career


R13 Horizons 1 (I) - Growth Tree

R14 Horizons 2 (I) - Identifying Transferrable Skills

R15 Horizons 3 (I) - Plan your career pathway

R16 Horizons 4 (A) - Personal Scenario Planning

R17 Horizons 5 (A) - Presenting Transferable Skills

R18 Horizons 6 (A) - Factors around planning career pathways


R19 Networks 1 (I) - Making Connections

R20 Networks 2 (I) - Developing your Elevator Pitch

R21 Networks 3 (I) - Networking - why to do it

R22 Networks 4 (A) - Social Networking Diary

R23 Networks 5 (A) - Building EQ for Career Success

R24 Networks 6 (A) - Networking - how to do it


For each of the above educational resources, the partners have developed additional educational material. This material constitutes the Handbook you are now holding in your hands or reading online.

For each of the resources, you can find the following material: Theoretical background, guidelines on how to use the resource and, references (in the cases where there are additional resources you can study).

The aim of the guidelines on how to use the resources is to ensure that front-line youth workers, youth leaders, youth volunteers and any other potential intermediaries are confident in using them to support young people in career planning.